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Where They Create is out as a BOOK produced by the publishers of FRAME, MARK and ELEPHANT magazines. It features interviews with Opening Ceremony, Olaf Breuning, Jeremiah Goodman, Cyril Duval, Greg Lauren, Clive Wilkinson, Bompas & Parr, Julie Verhoeven, Kelly McCallum, Wall Paper* plus many more.

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From NY Times:
Paul Barbera shoots slick interiors for clients like Elle Decoration and Vogue Living. But before he ventured into the studios of the 32 designers in his new book “Where They Create” (Frame Publishers, $45), he begged them not to clean up. “It’s not like messy wall, messy table, pencil on floor and rubbish near door equals great artist,” Barbera insists, but those intimate details make for rich material. Matali Crasset’s personal library, Maarten Baas’s prototypes and even the crudely fashioned cardboard strip that keeps Confetti System’s air-conditioner from jostling its hand-cut garlands reveal what it’s really like inside a designer’s world.

Words by Monica Khemsurov

From Fast Company:
The long-defunct Book magazine used to devote its back page to an image of a famous writer’s desk, with the author calling out various items and their significance. It was my favorite feature, and surely I wasn’t alone. A person’s workspace is regarded as an outward expression of her inner stirrings--the thoughts that in turn feed creativity--and the desk stands as a shrine to the muse. This is no doubt true of most designers, who immerse themselves in thickets of visual inspiration, tools, and materials. Some of these scenes are captured by the New York–based photographer Paul Barbera, who along with the writer Alexandra Onderwater, documents the offices of creatives around the world in their book Where They Create (Frame Publishers).

Words by Belinda Lanks

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